The Benefits of Vidme vs. Youtube

Why I Love Vidme and Hope It Succeeds

Vidme vs YouTube
The new face of online video content.

Youtube has seen better days. Video content creators are feeling the hurt after the recent ad boycott by many of the major advertisers on Youtube have been protesting the fact that their ads are showing up on videos that they don’t want to be associated with. While that is a pretty definitive statement on the level of intelligence advertisers think their customers possess, it is hurting everyone.

Well, everyone but those who aren’t generating their revenue from ads. While most of the major Youtube content creators are getting their revenue from the ads that run before, during, and in the middle of their videos, there are quite a few that are getting by with fan donations and Patreon subscriptions alone. The notion that you can make a living as a video content creator without being tied to the whims of ad companies involved with Youtube is downright liberating.

But asking people to go to a separate service like Patreon in order to contribute is a hassle and can get confusing. That’s where Vidme comes in.

First of all, Vidme is already a competitive alternative to Youtube on format, convenience, and features alone. Not to mention a high quality and high speed video player that is every bit as fast as Youtube’s. Vidme’s key advantage being that you will never run into any ads on their video player, nor their website.

Instead, viewers can tip a single sum of money to the creator from the video page itself, or they can subscribe using the monthly subscription service that is baked right in to Vidme itself, no Patreon link required. The process is extremely fast, intuitive, and creator friendly, as the channel owner can determine the exact price of the subscription, as well as what benefits that come with it, all from Vidme’s user menus.

So why is Vidme such a big deal to me? Well, in its current state, it has already proven much more beneficial than Youtube has ever been. I’ve tried many different things as a video creator, and nothing seems to work. What makes things worse is Youtube’s constant policy changes, expansive copyright claim minefield, and an algorithm that is constantly becoming more and more complicated to predict. On Youtube, I have been forced to try and create things for an algorithm, not for viewers.

With Vidme, not only am I free to create content that actual people would watch, but I am encouraged by the site, its staff, and its community. The website is creator friendly in every way, and for the first time, I have felt optimistic that people are getting to watch the things I make.

I only hope that this crazy experiment that puts faith in viewers and creators works out for everyone, because Youtube isn’t anymore, save for the major channels that are too big to fail.

If you want to check out our Vidme channel you can find it here.

For the foreseeable future, you can also find us on YouTube as well. I hope you enjoy yourself either way.